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First of all - let me just say congratulations on your decision today!

By joining Ecom Domination, you are finally taking back control over your ecom earnings, your confidence, and your freedom to spend more time traveling… playing with your family… cooking… doing sports… watching movies… or just relaxing..

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Not only does Ecom Domination show you how to build a booming ecom business from scratch…

But we’ve also added a ton of super valuable bonuses that will play vital importance in your journey to business mastery.

Not to mention: our method works for EVERY niche, in EVERY language, even if you have NO PAST EXPERIENCE.

You simply won’t find a more comprehensive ecom course out there.

With Ecom Domination our students have experienced radical growth.

Individual store owners were able to double, triple, even quadruple their sales in as little as 30 days.

Some have even gotten 100x growth in just 45 days!

And we’ve seen how their sense of confidence has improved along with their stores’ profits.

The less you must work, the more free time you get back in your life!

As these folks stopped worrying about paying bills… They began to enjoy more cruises, worldwide trips, live music, golf resorts, theme parks, museums, theaters, sporting events and social gatherings.

And because we’ve now helped over 2,000 “solopreneurs” just like you…

Folks all around the world are now calling Ecom Domination “the hottest thing in ecom.”

It didn’t take us long to realize just how powerful of a “secret weapon” this ecom course is…
That’s because you will enjoy:
  • Instant access to our social media support group on Facebook, so you can get answers fast
  • Instant access to all course materials, including video training + expert audio interviews
  • Instant access to our proprietary software, which we have kept private, until now
  • Instant money back guarantee, if you’re not happy for any reason, within the first 60 days
  • Annual updates to the course + special surprise bonuses inside your members area
Plus: after 30 years of research and applied practice in the business of ecommerce, we’ve finally created a single ecom course that gives you BY FAR the easiest way to profit from multiple streams and not just one platform (like Shopify or Etsy).
With Ecom Domination, everything has been condensed down to 13 simple modules, all found inside this 1 course.
Active participation is required one step at a time, but once you’re done, we promise you…

Crappy traffic and pages that don’t convert - gone!

Guessing what’s going to happen next week - a thing of the past!

Paying an arm and a leg to “private gurus” to help you - no more!

No price is too high to pay for the beginning of your new business empire and permanently ending financial problems forever.
But we realized, there is just one problem with Ecom Domination…
Even though we have included:
  • Step by step videos
  • DIY activities
  • Audio interviews
  • Special software
  • Live community
  • Annual updates

There was still one major piece missing, and we had to think long and hard about it…

We thought: What more can we do to help our students succeed each and every day?

You see…

The biggest part of being successful… is getting into the habit of taking small chunks of your time… and converting them into MASSIVE ACTION.

Little by little, tiny chunks of massive action will add up to what we call “the edge.”
What is “the edge?”

The edge is what you typically lose over time, as your excitement about a new obsession fades

Remember that first passionate love you’ve experienced?

No matter how that relationship turned out… after a few years, that hot passion fades, even if things worked out in your favor.

Well, guess what? The same thing happens to ecom business owners who “burn out.”

As passion for the ecom business comes to a grinding halt… Many people lose their “edge.”

These disgruntled ecom business owners become exhausted!

They’re so sick of all the guesswork…

They’re so tired of the grind, with little to no results…

They’re upset that there seems to be no hope in sight for a “4-hour week” like they’ve been promised.

Well, there’s the thing.

It’s going to take time, but if you've never had that feeling, it’s not too late to get your “edge.”

And if you’ve had it before, but for some reason you’ve lost your edge… we have the perfect way for you to get it back.

Here’s how.

You see…

The edge gives you the power to stay current in today’s most important ecom news.

When you have that “edge” in you,
you get:
  • The insider know-how of what’s “hot” and what’s “not” in today’s business
  • Practical tips on what fashion waves are coming, and what people will be buying next
  • Ideas on what kinds of stores you should look into starting
  • New tricks on how to best utilize your Analytics data to get more sales
  • How to save money on everything you need, from domains & hosting to software & services
  • Where to get the best Virtual Assistants to help you run your business
  • Which social media avenues you should and shouldn’t explore when scaling your business
  • And much more

The First 4 Weeks You're Serious About Ecom Are The Most Crtical!
Make Sure You Have The Dedicated Support You're Going To Need.

You see… Each and every thing that you see above changes rapidly.

To stay current, you need to keep learning as you go, and it’s best when this learning happens in “real-time.”

When you get your “edge” in real-time, you get the benefit of:
  • Always having the latest information from us & the speakers we bring to you
  • Listening to tips from guest speakers that are profiting right now - not some long time ago
  • Being able to ask questions & get up-to-date answers from us & our guest speakers
  • Avoiding falling in the trap of committing to an outdated method / tactic, and wasting $$$
  • Getting peer networks that are learning alongside you to help you on your journey

When you practice a routine that generates you money, day in and day out… It becomes fun!

But where do you get the fuel to “jet start” that process?

You get that fuel from a productive routine task, that you can do each week, to give yourself “the edge.”

But you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get these benefits over the long term.

We give you everything you need to get that “edge,” inside our biweekly webinars.

To be perfectly clear…

Normally, we sell tickets to our twice-monthly webinars at $97 each.

That’s $194 per month, when you pay for each ticket separately.

If you attend 8 of our webinars - that’s 4 months, the first 4 months you’re doing this seriously are CRUCIAL, so we highly recommend you attend at least this many - you would pay $97 x 8 = $776.

For those who paid the full retail price of $1,000 to get Ecom Domination, this may seem like a nominal price for the kind of one-on-one attention that you get for the money.

But because you joined Ecom Domination during the limited-time 5 day opportunity window…

You paid a lot less than $1,000 to join.

And therefore…

You won’t have to pay anywhere near that amount to get this access.

Heck, even $97/mo would be a steal for this package worth nearly double!

But right now…

I want to give you this money-saving opportunity to add “the edge” to your order… Giving you unlimited access to all our past webinars, PLUS ongoing fresh biweekly training webinars!
A full 30-day membership, including a live webinar every 2 weeks…
For the total price of: $67 per month.
That’s just
$194 per week $16.75 per week!
(Offer includes unlimited access to our full archive)
That’s an incredible savings of $100+ each month!
And it also ensures you can continue to experience the full benefits of consistent profit growth and business optimization with NO interruption…

Day after day…

Week after week.

While at the same time, being 100% protected from future price increases for each ticket to a Ecom Domination training webinar.

Now that's a big deal, and here’s why…

It’s because these price increases are pretty much guaranteed to happen - especially as more and more people just like you experience their own full business transformation…

And because the demand for the limited-quantity tickets to our webinars is going up.

You see… Only 100 seats are available inside each webinar we host.

That’s it.

If we had more than 100 people in a room at one time, doing extremely passionate work, practicing exciting new ecom methods…

We would have CHAOS.

So in order to have things under control (aka, be able to provide you great value)…

We have to cap our webinars at 100 seats only.

Plus, you get unrestricted access to all our past webinars...

So you can catch up on what we’ve been discussing lately, and let us help you get your “edge” back in check!

So to be clear, here's what you're getting with this one-time-only offer:
  • Unrestricted Access To Our Webinars Archive
  • Guaranteed Seat Inside 2 Monthly Webinars
  • These Bimonthly Presentations Will Be Jam Packed With Quality Training
  • Stay Up To Date On What’s New In The World Of Ecommerce + No Pitches Ever
  • Amazing One-On-One Support Directly From The Creators Of Ecom Domination
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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